INTOPSA & Bridge Intermodal Transport (BIT) are the main brands in Central  America and is owned by Transportes Centroamericanos del Futuro  (TCF), a regional trucking and transport company; our organization  owns Trucks, Trailers, Gensets, Container, Chassis. And is expert in  trailers, trucks and container yards.

With over 15 years in the market, we are a service provider for Maersk, CMA, MSC in such services in the region since many years ago.

As such, and combined with other customers that have  been  incorporated to our portfolio, we have generated expertise on how to  securely and efficiently move goods throughout the region.

We are also recognized as one of area’s container, trucks and trailers

repair shop leaders.

We have a fleet of over 3,000 chassis, more than 250 trucks and 7  container depots that allow us to be the first choice for customers  seeking for a flexible, competitive option, with a standardized service

Servicios que ofrecemos


We have depots in all major cities and
Central American ports. Services include
inspection, storage and dispatch. Most depots
have the ability to manage refrigerated containers.


From pre-trip inspection to machinery or structure repairs, we have technicians and parts to repair most container brands.
Road rescues are also available as well as terminal or onboard.


Truck service to or from the port delivery or loading point. We have equipment to handle extra heavy cargo, refrigerated containers or any other special need.


We support shipping companies with a vast reserve of frames, Gensets and chassis
fleet for your lease to long-term or short-term. We include maintenance of the equipment as part of the leasing service.

Arwest is dedicated to the moves between borders with an emphasis on transport between Mexico and Central America, but also with a large intra-brand
Central American, especially for Textiles.

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